Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Makeup Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Foundation

Since what seems like forever I have been on the hunt for THE liquid foundation. I mean the liquid foundation that will make your skin look and feel perfect. Unfortunately for me, I'm still on the quest for the perfect one.

So recently in the beauty isles of my local drugstore I picked up this little squeezable tube of foundation.

Hoping this would be The One, I raced home to experiment with this handy-dandy tube of foundation.

After getting home and initially squeezing a small amount on the back of my hand I realized that the foundation was about 1-2 shades off from my natural fair skin color even though I picked the lightest shade they carry (100 ivory). But I still thought I would be able to work with it because I have done so before with other too-dark-for-me foundations by blending really well into the skin and using a lighter setting powder.

When I went to apply this foundation to my face, first I tried squeezing a very small amount onto a foundation brush and applying directly to my face, but found my foundation looked streaky and completely uneven. So then I tried applying with a sponge (which I prefer anyways) and still found it very hard to blend. After using this for over three weeks, I still can't find it's sweet spot. I even tried using a primer with it, using a moisturizer before it, and mixing it into moisturizer.... it just refuses to blend!

So unfortunately I haven't REALLY been able to use it! But when I have, I've found that it does, sort of matte my face, but by 7 hours of wear my forehead is an oil slick! Although I don't have the coordinating matte powder for it so maybe it has to have that specific powder overtop to truly mattify the skin? I'm not sure, but the claim on the packaging definitely is NOT true for me!

The Stats:
 - 1 oz. Tube of Foundation (with convenient squeeze applicator)
 - Small Shade Range (about 5 shades and they all fit light-medium to medium-dark tones)
 - Convenient Packaging (portable, slim)
 - Mattifying (well, at least it says on the package that it is)

Overall I didn't like this foundation... at all. I tried REALLY hard to like it, but I just couldn't because it didn't come in my shade, it didn't blend well and it didn't mattify my face for even a whole 8 hours.

So have you tried this foundation before? 
If you have did it work for you? 
Comment on it!

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